I help busy mums get leaner, more confident & finally show them the way to sustainable results 

Why Train With Primal? 


Train when it suits you, at home or the gym


All plans are built perfectly for your goals and lifestyle. Only got 20 minutes to train? You can still get results


My online clients pay up to 60% less than my 1:1 clients to be trained by me


Always stay motivated and on track with unlimited  message support from myself


What's Included?

A tailor-made training plan  - All plans are built around you and your needs. This isn't a copy & paste plan 

Transformation eBook  There are so many un-trustworthy "influencers" and false information in the fitness industry. It's so important that you're learning how to change your life and not just following a plan. This eBook will teach you everything you need to know

Primal recipes - I'm no chef and I'm not pretending to be, but I've put together 26 super-easy recipes to help you through your journey


Unlimited support - My goals not to give you a plan and leave you to it. I'm here to support and guide you through your journey. I also have the ability to track everything you do through the app to keep you on track

My Mission

Unfortunately, the fitness industry has turned into an absolute shambles. There are more b*llshit products and fad diets than ever
"Influencers" cash in by selling unsafe, quick-fix diets and pills that leave you confused and worse of
95% of fad diets end in weight gain. Why? 
  1. Because they haven't taught you anything
  2. They're not tailored to you or your lifestyle
  3. They're too low in calories and unsustainable
How long can you starve yourself before you give in? Maybe 2 weeks max! 
And then what happens after the plan? You inevitably go back to your old habits
What people need is to be coached and guided through their journey. They need real advice and to learn the habits necessary to stay lean all year round
My mission is to teach and transform the lives of as many busy mums as I can through coaching. I want to help people who have been misguided and hurt through conventional diets and give them all the resources they need to learn how to finally drop the fat for good
If you're confused, hurt and desperate to change your shape, size and bad habits. Then let's get started. Let me finally give you the guidance you need! To start fill in the form below 



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