How does the programme change every month?

The programme will progressively get harder as you develop. Every month you will get a new programme that I will send to you via the Primal app.

What is Primal coaching and is it for me?

Primal coaching is personal training via an app. You will recieve your 12-week programme and calorie counter all built into the Primal app. Here you will be able to log your workouts, watch demonstration videos and contact me if you’re ever in need. I can also view everything you're doing to make sure you're making consistent results. Primal coaching is a flexible service that can be adapted to most individuals. All you need is a mobile and a very small amount of tech understanding.

I’m about to go on holiday, can I still sign up?

Absolutely! Simply explain in the goal-setting form that you will be away and I will factor in some hotel room workouts! This also applies to people who travel a lot with work. All of the plans are built around each of my clients individual needs

When can I start?

Ready when you are! As soon as payment is complete you will recieve two emails from myself. One contains login access to the app and the other has your Welcome documents, Transformation guide and recipes. It will take me 2-5 days to create your plan as these are all built from scratch

Are there any payment options?

You have two options, to pay all in one go for a reduced rate or set up a standing order for every month at a slightly higher rate. My payment plans are designed to make life easier for you

Will I keep being charged, month to month?

When you sign up I'll need at least a 3 month commitment from yourself. You can either pay in one go or monthly. After the 3 months are up, we'll have a talk about your next goal and decide if we're going to continue working together. If so, I'll charge you for another 3 months

Refund policies

Say what?! Haha. There are no partial refunds as It takes me some time to create your plan. If you wish to stop training, simply don't sign up to the next 3-months

What equipment will I need?

All the plans are built for you. So when you sign up I'll get you to fill in a goal-setting form, you can tick the equipment you have access to and I'll create your plan based on those anwsers If you'd prefer just a bodyweight home plan you can select this option too

Do I need a gym membership?

No, not at all. If you'd prefer to train at home you're more than welcome to, just let me know when you fill in your goal-setting form

Can I do my own training?

If you want to add in exercise classes or additional gym workouts into your plan then go for it! I'd highly recommend doing them additionaly to the plan, instead of just training on your own. You can also still log these into the plan for me to see We can discuss this when you sign up. For example if you're goal is to build lean muscle but you're own training is spinning, this wouldn't be optimal for your goal

Am I too old?

No way! I'll build the plan to fit your needs and if you find some are too hard, you can always message me and I'll change it ASAP
I have some clients in their late 60s who are getting on great (:

What support will I receive?

As much as you need! I only ever take on a few clients so I can spend maximum time with each of them. So feel free to reach out and contact me whenever you need. Once you sign up you will also receive the transformation guide and FAQs to coach you through your journey

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