• Ben Banbury

Why Women Must Lift

Muscles are the foundations of a great body. They create shape, a more confident posture and increase your metabolism

“Never sacrifice getting stronger for being a burpee queen” – Jim Wendler

When it comes to building a killer body YOU MUST get stronger. I don’t mean big and bulky but stronger!

A stronger body will have denser muscles, we refer to this as “muscle tone”

When someone says “I just want to get a bit more toned” – this really translates as “I just want to get a bit stronger”

Females especially, avoid this term. “Toned” is a more fluffy, a far less scary term.

I’m SO lucky to be a trainer in 2018. Weight lifting is becoming way more popular, in women too!

Women are slowly beginning to realise that picking up a set of dumbbells that weigh more than their water bottles, won’t create bulky muscles, but will in-fact shape, develop and “tone” their bodies!

So if you’re reading this right now and you’re a female, who lifts weights. You have nothing but respect from me.

Why you should get stronger


A stronger body creates shape in the right places

A stronger body will tighten your stomach, make your bum more shapely, your arms more toned and less jiggly, your legs firmer and your posture more upright.

Note: a jog, star jumps, burpees, or any other cardio will do NONE of the above.


A stronger body is a confident body

Imagine less jiggle, a tighter waistline and a taller posture

These are the marks of a super confident person!

Love being naked – Learn to lift!

Increased metabolism

We refer to muscle as “expensive”. It requires a lot more calories to exist than fat.

What does that mean?

Once muscle is built you need to eat more calories to maintain it. So if you like eating, or you find it hard to keep fat off, by increasing your bodies muscle % will help keep you leaner all year round.

There is no secret to fat loss, but if I had only one tip, it would be to get stronger ASAP

One last comment on bulk

The biggest objection I hear about weight training is the fear of getting bulky

Women have about 10% of the testosterone men have (testosterone is a muscle building hormone)

So for you to get bulky, you’d have to be eating HUGE amounts or injecting illegal naughties into your thighs once a week (steroids)

Getting bulky doesn’t happen by accident. It would be like me playing golf for the weekend and waking up a as Tiger Woods..

The bottom line is that muscle is sexy. It WILL make you more confident and it WILL make you leaner!

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