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Your New Healthy Lifestyle Starts Here

Follow the exact formula that I use to prep healthy meals for the whole week. This simple routine takes less than 45 minutes and sets you up for the perfect week of eating!

If you read my last post The Ultimate Shopping List To Get Lean I listed all the foods you should have in your kitchen cupboards and foods you should be buying on a weekly basis to stay lean and healthy

But now what? Your kitchen's brimmed with tonnes of healthy fruit, veg, lean proteins and carbs. But what do you do with it?

This post's designed to show you how to prep these foods for the week ahead and to show you that eating healthily shouldn't be left to chance

But first, why bother?

Why Should You Meal Prep For The Week?

1. Meal prepping will save you time - No more cooking one healthy meal at a time. By meal prepping you can batch cook healthy meals in advance. You can either have the same meal again during the week or just stick it in the freezer for weeks down the line

2. Your fat loss is no longer left to chance - Meal prepping allows you to be completely in control of what you're eating. You can portion your food up and when it strikes lunch time, you know that your tupperware is packed full of foods that are going to benefit your goal

3. Avoids stress - Meal prepping stops you having to pace the super market isle or cafe on your lunch break trying to find the healthiest meal deal you can find. Instead you can reach into your bag and pull out a healthy, portion controlled tub containing foods that are bringing you one step closer to your goal

4. Meal prepping keeps you accountable - When I'm working with my 1:1 clients I always ask about their diet and regularly get them to fill in a food log for me. I have clients that rack up a lot of motorway miles travelling from meeting to meeting. It's common for me to see foods like crisps, pasties, sandwiches and croissants in their food logs from convenient food stops

A common conversation between myself and my clients might go a bit like this;

Me: *reading aloud* " Tuesday lunch time - 2 x sausage roll. 1 x packet of crisps. 1 x flapjack"

Client: "Ah it's all they had in BP. I couldn't find anything healthy"

I'd call this passing the blame. Not being accountable for their results

It's not BPs job, or your local cafes to get you healthy. It's yours!

By meal prepping you understand that your results are 100% in your hands. There's no more passing the blame, pointing the finger or thinking your fat loss results rely on BPs stock

The Perfect Formula To Meal Prepping For The Week

Okay, so before you can even start meal prepping you have to make sure the foods are in your kitchen ready to be prepped

If you haven't already, quickly have a read through my shopping list of essentials here

From here you can start planning your week

The foods we need to prep are;

  • A lean source of protein for lunch & Dinner

  • A variety of carbs for lunch & dinners

  • Healthy snacks for in between meals

  • Optional: A selection of frozen fruit bags for smoothies

Prepping Protein

Sunday's the best day to get prepping as you're then set up for the whole week

What I do is grab all my protein sources to begin. I know I need lunch & dinner ready for 7 days. So that's 7-14 portions to prep

(Every single one of you will have a different routine and will be cooking for various people. So you may only need to prep lunch and cook dinner from fresh every night)

I also aim for roughly 30g of protein per meal (which is a good rule for you too) - That's around 100g of meat. Easy.

So I bulk cook either, chicken breast, a whole chicken, lean mince, fish fillets, or any other lean sources of lamb, beef or pork I fancy that week

Here's a video of me prepping 1kg of chicken breast for the week ahead

And another of me prepping 750g of lean beef mince and pasta

From here I have 2 options;

1. I can either portion these protein sources for the week or

2. I can freeze half of the portions for a later day (this is a good option if you get bored of eating similar meals)

Prepping Carbs

Carbs are so damn easy

And they're great for completely changing how you eat your meal

For example with my cooked Cajun chicken breast I could have it with rice, pasta, in a wrap or sandwich or simply with potato

I might be eating the same protein source, but I can mix things up by playing with the carbs and vegetables

So, like the protein, I know that I'll need up to 14 portions for the week

In the video above I cooked up a whole bag of pasta to have with my mince. This might be a bit pasta-dense for you (me too. I'll be freezing most) so maybe cook 2+ portions of pasta and grab some microwave rice to mix things up for the other meals

You could cook up potato, boiled rice and pasta. Or grab a bag of microwave rice, slice of bread, wrap, pita or rice cakes

Finally, you could prep a few tupperware with oats, berries, seeds and milk alternative to make overnight oats for breakfast. You can store these for up to 3 days

Prepping Vegetables

Raw vegetables are the perfect snack, so let's prep these for the next few days

Grab some red pepper, cucumber, spinach, celery (eww), tomatoes, carrot or broccoli and slice them up ready

I'd grab as much you fancy and just throw it in a plastic bag or tub for the next 3 days. You can snack on this as much as you want at work!

You will have to shop and prep this again come Wednesday, but this won't take long!

Prepping Fruit

A few pieces of fruit will be a great addition to your lunch box. So feel free to grab berries, an apple, pear, banana (or whatever!) and get that ready too

You could also prep healthy smoothies in advance

These are easy as they're frozen, so they'll happily last all week

Add strawberries, a banana and a handful of blueberries into a freezer bag and pop 7+ days worth in the freezer. Every morning, add a frozen fruit bag to a blender with either a scoop of protein powder or high protein yogurt

Putting It All Together

Okay, so at this stage you should have;

7-14 portions of protein

7-14 portions of carbs

3-4 bags of raw veg for snacking

7+ frozen bags of fruit for smoothies

Now all we need to do is portion is all up for the week

1. Protein

What I would suggest is to grab 7-14 tuppaware containers and load them up with roughly 100g of meat. Don't worry about weighing each tub, just divide the bag roughly by 100

I didn't weight my 750g of mince after I cooked it, I just divided it into 7 containers

2. Carbs

Now decide which carbs you fancy with the meat. A mixture is usually a good idea, but it's completely up to you

If you don't know how much carbs you should be adding, just add what looks roughly like a fist-sized portion (remember this articles not about calorie breakdown)

Once you've added the carbs to the meat, I'd stick them straight in the freezer for Wed-Sun

Or you may decide to have another cook up Wednesday, to get you through the week

3. Fruit & Veg

Simply add these into various bags in advance for the week

The fruit should be split into 7 days and ready to be blended in the freezer

The snacking-veg should be divided into 3 bags for Mon-Wed

Your Prepped Meals

Now imagine it's Monday morning, you're already a tad behind and running a bit late

You can open the fridge, grab your lunch, vegetable snacks, chilled water and packed fruit

You quickly open the freezer door to locate your frozen fruit bags and lob that into a blender with a scoop of your favorite protein and water

You're now walking out the door with 2 x high protein, calorie calculated meals that will bring you closer to your goal

Your bags also brimmed with 5 of your 5-a-day!


If you follow my formula above I can PROMISE you'll feel more relaxed, less stressed, and in general, you'll feel much better!

Welcome higher energy levels, no afternoon crashes and consistent fat loss results

The list of benefits just goes on and on

So if you're sick of never getting the results you're looking for or, you just want to save time and be healthier then I HIGHLY encourage you to start meal prepping ASAP!

Comment below if you have an quires

Thanks for taking the time to read,



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